Executive Marketing Positions

  • Vice President of Marketing – Simon Pearce
  • Head of Americas Marketing & Global Marketing Executive Lead – HTC
  • Vice President, Marketing – Tazo Tea Company
  • Director, Global Brand Strategy, Insights & Analytics – Starbucks Coffee Company
  • Director, Brand Marketing – barnesandnoble.com
  • Senior Manager, New Product Development – Kraft Foods


  • MBA, General Management & Marketing – Kellogg Graduate School of Management, Northwestern University
  • BA, Political Science – UCLA
  • One-year Honors Exchange Student – Tokyo Japan, International Christian University


  • Differentiating your company, product portfolio and/or Brand for sustainable growth
  • Uncovering the big market insight that will fuel Transformational growth
  • Merging your team’s great ideas into The One Big Priority that will drive massive growth
  • Storytelling – so your customers understand your company’s unique ability to serve their needs
  • Finding your Product-Market Fit. Rigorous new product development process that can scale/contract to any timeline, need and budget
  • Making customer insights & analytics actionable by all functions in your company
  • Building the right marketing model to drive your goals, and which your P&L can afford
  • Developing integrated, measurable Marketing: digital, social, traditional “earned, owned & paid” media, messaging, creative, analytics & production
  • Omni-channel retail merchandising and marketing
  • Brand Strategy
  • Corporate Social Responsibility

How Steve Can Grow Your Business

  • Getting your company on the right growth path
  • Creating big, profitable businesses out of previously niche products
  • Reversing sales and/or profit declines, and repositioning your business for sustainable growth
  • Monetizing underutilized assets, products and corporate capabilities
  • Growing through New Products, Channels and Customers or Geographies
  • Focusing your organization on the Fewer, Bigger, Better opportunities that will drive higher margin, sustainable growth

Success Stories

  • Quintupled mobile technology company’s North American revenues to $7.6 Billion. Transformed private-label manufacturer into Interbrand® Best 100 Global Brand
  • Named Top Strategic Supplier by multiple accounts for collaborative product development and marketing which drove category and share growth
  • Doubled New Products to 35% of a $1 Billion US beverage company
  • Transformed a $9 million niche product into a mainstream $200 Million global business
  • Pioneered US’s first major omni-channel Brand. Grew e-commerce +470% to $320 Million
  • Reversed six-year sales decline of angel-backed luxury business. Shifted marketing to digital platform, and cross-trained existing team with new skills to grow e-commerce +31% in one year
  • Quadrupled sales of imported Asian products by securing category lead supplier contract with three major channel customers
  • Jump-started corporate customer lead generation for an emerging Human Robotics company
  • Created new revenue stream for a global not-for-profit by re-packaging existing services & benefits. Helped secure first global contract, which modeled a new way of going to market

Steve Seto Biography

Steve’s general management approach to marketing comes from working across all phases of the business lifecycle in B2C and B2B technology, mobile/telecom, omni-channel retail, consumer products, not-for-profit, luxury and international. He has lived, studied and worked in the US, Asia and Europe, and speaks German and Japanese. 

Steve’s unique value stems from his ability to:

  • Help the executive leadership team re-focus the company on fewer, core growth priorities
  • Identify market opportunities that the company can uniquely fulfill
  • Develop new products, and/or reposition & repackage existing products, that nail Product-Market Fit
  • Position the company for long-term, sustainable Growth
  • Create the marketing model needed to execute the growth strategy, at a scale the p&l can afford
  • Cross-train the organization to make the strategy great in execution, including fast course-correction

GROWTH – HTC recruited Steve to transform a private-label manufacturer into a high-margin, global innovation leader of the (then) emerging smartphone category. He created HTC’s global brand strategy, new B2B and B2C go-to-market plans, and grew the team to execute. By co-creating new products and marketing plans unique to each channel customer, HTC secured customers’ top engineering, sales and marketing resources for HTC products. This integrated strategy quintupled HTC Americas revenues to $7.6 Billion in under three years. 

NEW PRODUCT INNOVATION – At Kraft, Steve’s new product development team doubled new products to 35% of the $1 Billion beverage business. Since then, he has continued to partner with R&D, manufacturing, market insights, finance & sales to develop and launch hundreds of new technology, consumer, retail and not-for-profit products and services.

TURN-AROUND – At Simon Pearce, an angel-backed glass manufacturer, Steve helped reverse six years of sales declines by focusing manufacturing and marketing on a core set of existing products. They opened up a marquee national account, improved sell-through at existing accounts, and acquired younger consumers with a new e-commerce platform (+31%). 

OPERATIONALIZING CUSTOMER INSIGHTS & ANALYTICS – Steve was appointed by Starbucks to “make market & Brand insights actionable” to management of 5 operating companies in 68 countries. Teams had access to lots of data, but needed help using it. Through project-specific consulting engagements, large-scale training sessions, and syndicated best practice tools, team successes included helping develop and launch new product categories in Japan, open up new channels in the UK, and expand dayparts in the US. 

LEAD GENERATION – Steve supported Softbank Robotics’ humanoid robot early market development. The team was struggling to find their customer. Steve helped define the right corporate buyers, and oversaw plans to surround these decision-makers. Integrated marketing included trade shows, speaking engagements, content marketing, social, digital & traditional paid media, and email. Cost per qualified lead dropped by over 70%.

Steve holds an MBA from the Kellogg Graduate School of Management at Northwestern University, and BA from UCLA. He teaches at LMU’s MBA program, serves on the board of Adventure Cycling, and volunteers with community development groups in Japan. He enjoys international travel, camping, ukulele, rowing and midcentury modern design. Steve lives in Los Angeles.