Software Marketing Executive 

Executive Marketing Positions

  • CEO, MightyCall
  • CMO & CRO, Acumatica
  • General Manager, Marketing, Microsoft
  • VP Marketing, Group Health 
  • CMO, Fluke Digital Systems 

Fractional “SaaS” CMO

  • Atera - “Stijn transformed Atera into a global SaaS company and created a strong platform for growth.” - Gil Pekelman, CEO, Atera - Case Study
  • Energage- “With Stijn’s help, we feel like we have an engine in place where we feel we can really see serious growth in the coming year.” - Doug Claffey - CEO, Energage - Case Study
  • Cielo24 - “Working with Stijn yielded the best of all worlds, immediate hands-on results and a lasting impact on the business.” - Brian Plackis Cheng, CEO, cielo24 - Case Study
  • Regional healthcare organization - “Stijn Hendrikse was able to invest deeply in engaging the team, enabling us to deliver on an expectation to get smarter, better and faster.” - Executive Vice President, Marketing and Public Affairs - Case Study
  • Comm100LeadCrunchHedgeTrackers


  • Marketing SaaS and Cloud subscription software & services (check out )
  • Kick starting and growing Early- and Mid-stage Startups. Supporting fundraising 
  • Designing & (re-) building high-performance, accountable, modern, marketing teams
  • Digital Transformation for Healthcare and Non-Profit organizations
  • Crisis management, turning around and inspiring stale marketing teams

How Stijn Can Grow Your Business


  • Positioning, Branding, Messaging and Pricing for the Right Product, Service and Audience
  • Creating a New Category and “Cross the Chasm” - Drive Growth beyond Early Adopters


  • Build Credibility, Drive Brand Awareness and make a small company look big
  • Exit Strategy Marketing for early stage and mid stage startups


  • Balance “Pay-to-Play” & “Making Noise” (Paid) with High ROI, Scalable Growth (Owned & Earned)
  • Decrease Churn by understanding the drivers of customer retention and execute loyalty programs


  • Turn your marketing team into a focused revenue generator increasing lead flow, win rates and deal sizes
  • Build your Marketing Team and Leadership with the right roles and onboarding

Success Stories

  • Launched Marketing Function at B2B SaaS Startups Acumatica, Mightycall, Atera, Cielo24, Energage, Comm100, LeadCrunch and Bigtime
  • Launched as a SaaS Contact Center for Small Business, growing to 20,000+ Freemium, and 2000+ Paying Customers in 6 Months, all through pure organic marketing. Read about this amazing story here.
  • Managed Sales & Marketing for high growth Cloud ERP company, tripling revenues in two years, and recruited 200+ Partners and 1000+ Customers 
  • Launched Fortive’s Accelix Brand, as part of creating the Marketing Function for Fluke Digital Systems, a New AI/ML Software Company in Industrial IoT, creating the Maintenance Technician’s “Digital Tool Belt”
  • Created the product plan, pricing model and go-to-market strategy for Office 365, Microsoft’s first B2B SaaS Offering, and led the global launch of the new Office 365 cloud service in the Public Sector and SMB segments
  • Led Microsoft's global marketing organization for the Small & Medium Business segment during the difficult transition to marketing & selling Cloud Products, moving to a Direct, Digital, Always-On model.
  • Established Microsoft Office Document Formats as global ISO standard (ISO 29500). Led the global ISO standardization project of the Office Open XML Document formats in 104 countries (from *.xls to *.xlsx etc.)
  • Created and launched Microsoft’s first Office Academic SKU, Office Student “Hero” based on .edu email (aka Office Academic Edition)
  • Led the digital transformation of Group Health’s 50+ people marketing team leading to double the lead volume, higher ROI and team morale lift during the acquisition by Kaiser Permanente.
  • Helped organize the largest Dutch Trade Mission to Silicon Valley ever (200+ Businesses connecting with 400+ VCs)

Stijn Hendrikse Biography

The past 6 years, Stijn has been the Fractional CMO for 7 SaaS Startups. He also served as the CEO for SaaS Contact Center MightyCall and the CRO, leading both Marketing and Sales, at Acumatica.  Before working in SaaS Startups, Stijn built a strong track record as a “Cloud Marketer,” having led Microsoft’s Product Marketing to launch Office 365 and its global SMB Marketing team.


Stijn became a Fractional CMO to leverage his experience and help start-up or mid-market software organizations accelerate their Revenue growth.  He found that most B2B Software companies under $100M need the same building blocks to get their marketing function of the ground. From product marketing and positioning to strong demand gen and building a scalable digital footprint. As a Marketing Executive and Consultant, Stijn is keenly focused on B2B technology companies. He brings unique value in the transformation to digital- and inbound marketing, grounded in traditional marketing necessities like customer insights and data driven execution.

Stijn can cover the complete spectrum from market research, product management and positioning, business growth and development, to digital execution, channel- and go-to-market strategies. Stijn has delivered high impact results for both Fortune 50 and Startup companies as CMO and CEO.

Stijn’s career spans more than 20 years in the software business. Before moving to the United States in 2004, Stijn led Microsoft’s Public-Sector Sales and built its Consulting Services in the Netherlands. He brings 15+ years’ experience in senior leadership roles, of which 10+ with global responsibility.

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“If you want to succeed, Stijn is the guy that you want on your team. He transformed Atera into a global SaaS company and created a strong platform for growth.”

Gil Pekelman, CEO, Atera

 “Working with Stijn yielded the best of all worlds, immediate hands-on results and a lasting impact on the business.”

Brian Plackis Cheng, CEO, cielo24

 “Stijn has a real passion around people and developing them into a team. He has done a phenomenal job of building their trust, putting the right people in the right places and providing tactical leadership and direction to get them cracking to get things done. With his help, we feel like we have an engine in place where we feel we can really see serious growth in the coming year.”

Doug Claffey - CEO, Workplace Dynamics

“Stijn is a rare leader whose compass is grounded in inspiring people to be the best they can be and governed by integrity and responsibility.”

Vijay Kasireddy - CEO, Find Inc 

“Stijn combines inspirational leadership and a provoking visionary leadership style with right level for detail.

Mark Glikson - CEO & Founder, Gumbuya Inc.

“Working with Stijn is a delight, because he puts ‘human relations’ in the heart of “business interactions” and because he brings ’out of the box thinking’ and new ways to look at issues leading to innovative products”

Mohssen Toumi - Partner & Vice President at Booz & Company

“Stijn has been the most effective and motivating manager at my almost 20 years at Microsoft.“

Jan van Eekeren - Group Manager Microsoft Western Europe

“Stijn has an incredible ability to build a high-performing team. I worked for Stijn for 3 years and in that time learned a great deal on how to effectively manage employees to get great results.“

Ray Thomas - VP of Sales at MSI Data 

“A conversation with Stijn is guaranteed to make you think differently, and trigger something original and innovative.”

Matthew Bishop - VP WW Sales & Marketing, Microsoft

“We prioritized experience over proximity, but frankly, we had some concerns about that at first.  That has turned out to be a non-issue, because Stijn prioritizes the work he does with us and has become a true member of the leadership team. He’s there on the phone with our team when our business day starts at 8 am – you do the math! And when we need him here on-site for important meetings and events, he jumps on a plane, no questions asked. “

“Stijn had a way of seeing the big picture, and of pulling different parts together from product to marketing across the company.”

“ The great thing about working with Stijn and Chief Outsiders is that you are not just working with a single talented person. You’ve an entire network of immensely talented individuals, and that in itself is one serious value proposition.”

Dan Kessler - President, Workplace Dynamics