Executive Marketing Positions

  • Founder, Autism Village (501c3)
  • CMO, Axioma Inc.
  • CMO, Liquidnet
  • CMO Americas, Reuters America
  • CEO, Boardwalk (Reuters Venture Capital Company)
  • Management & Marketing Consultant, Never Limited
  • Co-founder, Chaikin Analytics LLC
  • Co-founder, FlexiSphere
  • VP, Enterprise LoB, Network Two
  • VP, Desktop Software LoB, Instinet


  • University of Pennsylvania (Undergrad and Wharton)
  • Drexel University
  • The Haverford School


  • Go-to-market for startups, mid-sized organizations, corporate divisions, and new product launches
  • Offering insightful business and marketing strategic planning, alignment, and execution for innovation and technology companies including big-data and CRM strategies
  • Developing new revenue channels through integrated marketing campaigns
  • Offering expertise in startups, turnarounds, acquisitions, and divestitures
  • Defining and delivering targeted earned media strategies through traditional and digital channels
  • Mobile app and marketing including geo-based, crowd sourced content, and reputation

How Topher Can Grow Your Company

  • Redefining your brand identity to clarify value proposition, foster business awareness and increase ROI
  • Developing new channels and new opportunities for revenue within your existing footprint
  • Swiftly integrating the operations of an acquired product or company, spurring efficiencies, rapid growth and revenue gains
  • Identifying sales, marketing, and operational challenges inside and outside of your organization, creating measurable strategies to accelerate company growth trajectory
  • Implementing digital marketing, earned media and content marketing strategies to drive business and communicate unique value promotion strategy, brand development, and innovation to drive business

Success Stories

  • Pioneered marketing strategies for technology company Axioma that led to a doubling in top-line revenue in less than three years and resulted in its acquisition by private-equity companies.
  • Refreshed the brand platform for Liquidnet Holdings and developed a global public relations program which spurred significant gains in share of voice in its market segment.
  • Redesigned the go-to-market strategy as CMO at Reuters America, and participated in the company’s acquisition and turnaround of Quotron Systems – which moved from significant losses to break even in less than two years.
  • Implemented a product marketing strategy at Instinet, where he turned a group of disparate software pieces into a cohesive toolset for the company’s institutional customers.
  • Launched a 501c3 non-profit serving the global autism community of a billion people using social media, the largest crowd funding in the sector and global mobile apps for iOS and Android.

Topher Wurts Biography 

At a time when most high school students are still trying to find their way, Topher Wurts was already blazing new trails. As a ninth grader, Topher started his first software company, Personal Software – and in a storied career spanning nearly half a century, he has never looked back.

Topher’s innate love of technology and his extraverted personality landed him at the intersection of technology, sales, marketing, and business development. Topher has participated in five startups, two turnarounds, and multiple acquisition and integration projects. Topher has been a change agent for various business units in Fortune 1000 companies.

Topher joins Chief Outsiders after spending the past several years working on a project that combines his personal passion and business acumen. As an “autism dad,” Topher created a new 501c3 non-profit called Autism Village. The enterprise takes a “Silicon Valley Approach” to applying mobile and web technologies as a means of helping the global autism community deal with the practical day-to-day challenges of life with autism.

Prior, Topher was CMO for Axioma, where he used a content-based direct marketing and public relations approach to move Axioma from one of a group of small challengers to market-share parity with the creator of their category. During that time, Axioma’s engagement with its very specific market increased dramatically, bolstering brand credibility, shortening sales cycles and resulting in a doubling of top line revenue in less than three years.

Topher served as CMO at Liquidnet Holdings, where he developed a true marketing competency for this noteworthy 9-year-old startup; and as CMO at Reuters America where he delivered extensive top line growth through detailed market and customer analyses and the resulting redesign of the go-to-market strategy for the $1B business unit.

Topher’s collaboration with Reuters included roles launching Reuters disruptive open and secure instant messaging service to over 250,000 users in less than a year; as “executive in residence” to the Reuters Greenhouse corporate venture fund; and as CEO of Boardwalk, a Reuters Greenhouse funded startup. At Boardwalk, Topher led a team to create a high quality database of officers and directors of public companies in 13 countries, and developed and patented business development and social networking software platform to manage and expose relationships in this high value community.

At the outset of his storied career, while attending college part-time, Topher developed several business startups including Current Music Technology and Never Ltd. Personal Software. His work gave Topher the rare opportunity to work with music legends like The Grateful Dead, U2, David Bowie and Herbie Hancock.

Topher attended The Haverford School and then part time at Drexel University, University of Pennsylvania and The Wharton School during various business starts.