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Kenn Adach

Partner & CMO
Works with consumer products, healthcare, and medical devices companies to identify key strategic issues, bring focus to what’s most important and develop creative and comprehensive action plans.

About Kenn

Kenn helps Healthcare companies and B2C CEOs uncover critical insights essential in developing winning strategies, consistently driving innovation and propelling businesses to accelerated growth. A highly effective and credentialed senior marketing executive, Kenn collaborates with key stakeholders within the organization and brings together their knowledge with the realities of the market to create winning business plans. He has driven gains by understanding and marketing to consumers, patients, healthcare professionals and retailers. Whether he is marketing a product or service, he drives to achieve a highly differentiated positioning that resonates with target audience.

How Kenn has Helped Businesses Grow

  • Generated renewed growth of a 100-year-old business/brand by attracting new users with relevant new products while increasing usage among current users.
  • Reversed sales from double digit declines to solid growth with major product portfolio revitalization. This included new and improved products, new branding and packaging and new positioning and creative.
  • Drove 40% revenue growth re-defining brand’s target audience and implementing a major strategic shift in marketing strategy.
  • Developed innovative strategies and tactics to drive healthcare professional awareness, create interest and drive purchase and endorsement. This was a cornerstone of growth in multiple business he has managed.
  • Successfully built an OTC consumer capability within an organization that was not previously in that business. Efforts included internal and external team building along with several internal processes.
  • Effectively led a comprehensive effort to gain FDA approval of a revolutionary new product by aligning stakeholders, working hand-in-hand with regulators and other important third-party influencers to ensure support.
  • Drove broad awareness and trial amongst target audiences, leading major launch in small, unprofitable organization with a highly resourceful campaign including PR, digital, blogging, events and affinity locations.

Published Works

Executive Marketing Experience

  • Vice President Global Marketing & Sales, OraSure Technologies
  • Founder/CMO, 4 Paws 4 Health
  • Director Marketing, Bausch & Lomb
  • Director Marketing, Playtex Products
  • Brand Management & Sales, Unilever

Clients Served

  • Performance Health/Biofreeze (Health, Wellness and Fitness)
  • Bionik Laboratories (Medical Devices)
  • Norwest Equity Partners/GSM Outdoor (Consumer Goods)
  • Six Month Smiles (Medical Devices)


  • Bachelor of Science, University of South Carolina
  • MBA with Honors, Rutgers University


"Kenn Adach, as one of a team of three from CO, helped my team and me build a strategy for the ongoing year 2 growth of a critical product line that we had launched into Retail CPG 1 year previously.  My background and experience is in the clinical market so along with building a strategy, he and the CO team had to educate the CEO(me) in the dynamics of a new and different market.  Kenn's operational and metric driven approach helped us build metrics and deliver management tools into our business processes that proved very important to delivering continued growth in the leading branded topical analgesic in the retail market.  After a little over 2 years, it is a $100M brand.

In addition, Kenn was able to maneuver around some challenging personalities that did not feel the need for intervention from outside consultants. He handled this gracefully, yet with firm tough-mindedness."

Mike Orscheln, Former CEO at Performance Health/Patterson Medical

"Kenn brought excellent value to the organization by laying out a comprehensive B2B and B2C strategy based on the groundwork he brought on with an outside market research firm.  He has strong insight on what a world class marketing organization should look like long term from a people, process and technology front and in parallel focused on short term tactical revenue results. I’d love the opportunity to work with him again. Yes, Kenn the 1:1 support is coming!"

Perry Lowe, CEO at Six Month Smiles, LLC

"Outstanding performance from Kenn our ChiefMarketeeer."

Ed Dusseux, CEO at Bionik Laboratories

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Industry Experience Specialties
  • Sales Growth
  • Go-to-Market Strategy
  • Positioning & Messaging
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