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Mary Doizé

Partner & CMO
Works with B2B and D2C companies across Technology & Professional Services industries to break through to new levels of growth through renewed positioning, strategy, and execution. Often, this includes honing overall company positioning and the go-to-market strategy, as well as optimizing the team, processes, and tools to build a sustainable marketing engine.

About Mary Doizé

With her 10+ year tenure with Chief Outsiders, Mary has helped over 35 small-to-midsize companies achieve their growth goals by understanding the challenges they face in their markets and applying laser-like focus to execute on the right strategy for the desired results. Mary enjoys building marketing engines including the strategy, talent, processes and systems for sustainable growth. 

Whether attention is needed on the overall positioning, the marketing organization and structure, go-to-market strategies, sales/marketing interlock and engagement, or envisioning how to achieve the next level of growth, Mary ensures to tailor her engagement to accomplish the goals of her clients. 

Mary's philosophy on effective go-to-market strategy and execution entails working through an "outside in" approach.  She includes ecosystem intelligence, competitive factors and industry dynamics to develop positioning, packaging, and key marketing initiatives to win business.  Mary has also turned around a number of businesses through effective channel strategies, successful product launches, complementary acquisitions, and well thought through marketing planning and execution.  

How Mary has Helped Businesses Grow

  • BRANDING & POSITIONING: Aligned more than 30 SaaS products with independent and competing brands into a single, cohesive go-to-market presence under three major themes for a $130M EdTech firm.
  • EXECUTIVE LEADERSHIP: Over 2 decades in executive leadership roles in companies ranging from 12M to 17B in annual revenues. As a General Manager, led $40M business division of HR & Payroll software and services solutions with P&L authority, including a staff of 100+.
  • PRODUCT STRATEGY & GROWTH: As a General Manager running a division for a $1.3B corporation, Mary achieved a 150% first-year ROI on a leading edge, new product introduction in the Human Capital Solutions space.
  • PRODUCT MARKETING & MANAGEMENT: Mary has introduced Product Marketing and Product Management functions at numerous companies in different stages of the business lifecycle.
  • CHANNEL STRATEGY, TURNAROUND & GROWTH: Development of Channel Strategy that motivated, re-invigorated and turned around underperforming 200-partner 3rd party channel organization serving 19,000 client companies across many industries. Mary turned a business that had been declining for years into a growth engine. Mary also helped a tech company double their channel production and acquisition within 6 months translating to a 2X growth overall.
  • ALLIANCES & GROWTH: Led and developed Alliances infrastructure, prioritization process, and strategy for 130M firm generating partnerships which contributed $20 million topline revenue annually.
  • LEAD GENERATION & GROWTH: Increased pipeline to 4x during initial year with a PE-owned B2B SaaS company, while also assimilating 4 acquisitions in a 6-month period. Increased velocity/throughput of marketing motions by 3x year over year. Beat aggressive forecasted goals by average of 35% month over month YTD.

Client Resources

Client Case Studies

Executive Experience

  • Chief Marketing Officer, Navigate360
  • Senior Vice President of Marketing & Alliances, GlobalScholar
  • Vice President & General Manager, Sage Software

Clients Served


  • Itelligence (Information Technology and Services)
  • Rackspace (Information Technology and Services)
  • Clear Measure, Inc (Information Technology and Services)
  • Robert Stephen Consulting, LLC (Information Technology and Services)
  • Cytracom LLC (Telecommunications)
  • Coda Global (Information Technology and Services)
  • Premier Logitech (Information Technology and Services)
  • InterRel Consulting (Information Technology and Services)
  • Geneca (Information Technology and Services)
  • GCS (Information Technology and Services)
  • Interject (Information Technology and Services)
  • ALICE Solutions (K12 & Commercial) Private Equity
  • Navigate360 (K12 & Commercial) Private Equity
  • RevTech360 (IT Services, SalesForce & MuleSoft)
  • Altus Nova (IT Services, Custom Software Development)
  • Def Method (Data Consulting Services)


  • CareDox, Inc. (K-12 Healthcare Services) Private Equity
  • Leaps (K-8: Social and Emotional Learning)
  • Heights Christian Schools (K-12 Private School System)
  • Remote-Learner (Education Technology)
  • Destiny Solutions (Education Technology) Private Equity
  • BookNook (K-12 Literacy Tutoring Platform & Services)
  • QA Consulting (Healthcare: Medical Device Consulting)
  • Express Corporate Housing (Hospitality)
  • Camp Gladiator, Inc. (Health, Wellness and Fitness)
  • Arrow Glass and Mirror (Consumer Services)
  • Roadwire (Consumer Services: Automotive)
  • Lido Labs/Concealed Coalition (Family of Brands, Digital Marketing Experts)
  • CCW Safe (Self Defense Legal Services Membership)
  • IntagHire (Recruiting Services)


  • BBA Computer Information Systems, Texas State University
  • Graduate: Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) in San Diego, CA


"Def Method has been fortunate enough to work with marketing guru and business advisor Mary Doizé and Chief Outsiders since late 2022. Our success is a testament to her expertise, and we are immensely grateful for the contributions she has made." 

Joe Leo, CEO, Def Method


"Thumbs up to Mary Doizé, she's one of the best CMOs we had the pleasure to work with! We can't wait to see what's ahead for Def Method!"

Oscar Jaramillo, CEO, Scholes Marketing


"Mary was such a joy to work with. She was so organized and skilled at the tasks we set out to accomplish. She was amazing at not only high level strategy but project management and getting in the trenches and doing the work. Exceeded our expectations and gave us so much clarity we didn’t have as far as who we are as a brand."

Chris Picou, CEO, Lido Labs


“Those meetings were very productive, providing much of the value that we received from Chief Outsiders,” stated Conkle. “Mary blended right in with the team and became part of the family, which is something that we really value and appreciate.” “You can either lean on the shoulders of others with market experience or you can try to figure it out yourself through trial and error,” he concluded. “We were moving at such a fast pace that we didn’t have time to do the latter. Working with Chief Outsiders made my job a whole lot easier.”

Zane Conkle, CEO, Cytracom

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Industry Experience
  • Human Capital Management (HCM)
  • IT Services
  • Positioning & Messaging
  • Go-to-Market Growth Strategy
  • Right-sized Branding Efforts
  • Marketing Automation (MarTech)
  • Product Marketing & Launch
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