Executive Marketing Positions

  • Senior Vice President, General Manager, Home Furnishings FXI/Foamex Innovations Inc.
  • Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Aramark Corporation
  • Chief Operating Officer, Philadelphia Zoo
  • Chair, Global Operating Committee and Vice President Marketing, Sales, R&D; Crayola (Division of Hallmark Inc.)
  • Vice President Marketing, Flagship Soup Division, Campbell Soup Company
  • Vice President Sales, Campbell Soup Company
  • Brand Management, Procter & Gamble Company


  • Bachelor of Arts, Economics, Cornell University (Ithaca, NY)
  • MBA, Cornell University Johnson School of Business (Ithaca, NY)


  • Fuels Profit and Growth Engines
  • B2B, B2C sales and profit acceleration
  • Step by step business transformation to drive growth
  • Go to market and sales strategy integration
  • New product and service launches
  • Disciplined data-based analysis
  • Focused marketing and sales metrics, fill the funnel, and conversion action plans

How Gary Can Grow Your Business

I help business owners and CEOs achieve their company vision as a collaborative member of the leadership team by developing a go-to-market business strategy and overseeing its execution through targeted strategies and tactical initiatives. 

Where I can help:

  • Uncover new insights to help your business grow
  • Quickly define competitive advantage for your company
  • Integrate digital strategy
  • Align marketing and sales to work together
  • Develop quantitative, trackable objectives
  • Lead execution efforts that get results
  • Ensure relevant, accurate measurement methodologies are in place

Success Stories - Transformation Case Studies

Case #1 – Client: $200+million B2B distributor and manufacturer with need to accelerate growth and protect margin. My work:  Assessed market, developed a data based two-part strategy to add revenue to existing customers, defined new categories to enter based on market and customer insights, restructured the distribution model based on cost to serve, and simplified the product line. The successful new strategy provided tight focus and enabled clear resource decisions and accelerated top line year over year.

Case #2 – Client: National B2B provider of refreshment services. My work: Created go to market strategy and plan for an integrated marketing and sales organization. Developed “ladder” framework to target the right product and services to the right customers. Developed customer satisfaction metric and a disciplined sales funnel and conversion process, with training, targets and weekly metrics that accelerated sales growth. 

Case #3 – Client: Classic, American icon B2C brand being commoditized by competition and reliance on big box retailers. My work: Created growth strategy based on analysis of market and competition. The strategy included 1) Core innovation, with 10 new products launched to ramp up revenues; 2) Adjacent expansion, launching new product lines into related categories; and 3) Expanding into new channels and seasons. Revenue grew at 2x the category, profit at 3x. 

Case #4 – Client: Service provider to B2B customers. Assessed the go to market approach and benchmarked staffing. Created strategy to focus on three core centers of excellence, identified competitive edge versus competition, and a tool to assess people and process. Identified potential to increase profit by 5x, with a specific, milestone-based execution plan currently under way.

Gary Fassak Biography

Gary can bring experience learned in major B2B and B2C companies to your small and mid-cap business. His training at both large and small businesses lets him quickly partner with you to identify near-term wins that can have an immediate impact, as well as intermediate and longer-term ways to build capability and accelerate your Company’s growth over time.

He ran major businesses at Procter & Gamble, including Food, Beverage, and Health Care; at Campbell Soup, where he led the flagship soup business; and a national Sales force with accountability for over $1 Billion sales annually and 75 people in 48 states. He was Chair of the Global Operating Committee at Crayola LLC, where he merged two Divisions and built a world class team in 12 months and launched a growth strategy and plan that increased sales 2x the category and profits 3x. 

He has experience in the B2B space at Aramark, where he was a member of the Executive Leadership Council, and lead Sales and Marketing for the Refreshment Services business. There he built an innovation plan that targeted specific products to the right customers and got the Marketing and Sales teams working together to drive growth. Following Aramark, Gary was Senior Vice President at FXI/Foamex Innovations, responsible for the Household Products business of providing industrial foam to major customers such as TempurPedic. 

Fassak is a proud resident of Doylestown, Pennsylvania, nestled between the metropolises of Philadelphia and New York, and an alumnus of Cornell University. He earned a Bachelor of Arts, Economics; and an Masters in Business Administration from the Johnson School of Business.

Read more about Gary in the Cornell Enterprise

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