Executive Marketing Positions

  • Head of Global Marketing, HR Access/Fidelity
  • Vice President Marketing, North America, HR Access/Fidelity
  • Vice President of Product Management, HR Access/Fidelity
  • Vice President of Strategic Marketing, Sapien
  • Senior Director Product Marketing, ADP
  • Director Product Marketing, Computer Associates
  • Marketing and Branding Consultant, JW ImageBuilding


  • Launch of new product and services
  • Marketing strategy for mergers and acquisitions (M&A)
  • Build and execute sustainable go-to-market strategies
  • Identify new markets and opportunities for growth
  • Align sales and marketing to reduce sales cycle and increase wins
  • Develop customer-centric, high performance marketing and product teams
  • Create competitive product strategies and roadmaps
  • Develop foundation for differentiating value propositions and communications
  • Build and implement integrated marketing plans that leverage digital and mobile technologies
  • Experience in nutritional science, pharmaceutical, banking, legal, financial services; software services, publishing and retail 

How Janet Can Help Your Business

  • Streamline marketing efforts to maximize resources, budget and ROI
  • Deliver a marketing plan for sustainable growth
  • Foster a collaborative relationship between technology, product management, marketing and sales teams to expedite time to market and enhance competitive advantage, customer loyalty and revenue
  • Integrate marketing and sales efforts to create a sustainable competitive advantage that will generate high quality leads, shorten the selling cycle and increase deal value
  • Improve effectiveness of digital marketing efforts including web, mobile and content strategy
  • Identify opportunities for product/service expansion and new markets
  • Perform competitive assessment with recommendations to accelerate growth
  • Ensure alignment of all marketing communications for consistency in messaging and building brand value 
  • Analyze and align product portfolios with business objectives  
  • Develop and implement targeted social media marketing programs
  • Enhance channel marketing and partnering relationships to improve lead generation

Success Stories

  • Repositioned banking services organization post-merger to regain leadership position within 8 months
  • Created a global brand for organization to move to improve brand awareness, strengthen message and leverage marketing efforts that reduced marketing expenses by 30% and increased ROI by 20%
  • Working as a Partner with Sales, designed and executed a lead nurturing and generation strategy to yield a 33% productivity gain and 20% cost reduction
  • Initiated content strategy for marketing campaigns and increased response rates by average of 40%
  • Built collaboration between marketing, product management, and product development teams that reduced project completion times by average of 15%
  • Created branding, corporate identity and social media strategy for new financial business venture that contributed to exceeding first 6 month plan sales by 30% 
  • Developed strategy and launched new website for global financial client with secure login, optimization, and self-administration tool, increasing lead generation by 150% and improved client retention by 20%
  • Developed go-to-market strategy and executed national plan to launch first web-based HRMS at ADP
  • Designed and implemented process for product enhancement evaluation to maximize impact on new sales and improve customer loyalty by 2%
  • Launched ADP time and labor management division and achieved No. 2 market position within 3 years
  • Established and managed strategic alliances with channels to develop and support business initiatives

Janet Brey Biography

Janet Brey is an accomplished senior executive committed to helping small to mid-sized companies achieve and sustain growth. By providing strategic counsel to company leadership, she transforms marketing into a sales generating, competitive advantage that results in increased profitability and a positive ROI.

Extensive knowledge and experience in digital marketing, product launch, SaaS and technology services provides Janet the ability to quickly identify opportunities and design innovative solutions that drive revenue. As Global Head of Marketing at HR Access/Fidelity, she reduced the length of the selling cycle by targeting the right customer, increased sales through sales and marketing alignment, and delivered programs that elevated customer satisfaction scores and resulted in improved customer retention.

Recognizing the impact of the internet on marketing, Janet pursued a MS in Management of Information Systems. This enables her to effectively communicate with technical teams as well as leverage technology to enhance and automate marketing efforts. By turning customer information into actionable insights, she uncovers new ways to strengthen customer relationships and improve profitability.

With over 25 years in marketing, Janet has amassed expertise in most areas of traditional and online marketing including market research, branding, marketing communications, public relations, social media and content strategy, lead generation, and go-to-market strategy.  In her marketing role at ADP, she was part of a leadership team that launched a concept into a multimillion dollar global business.  Janet’s ability to work effectively with technology and marketing teams was the reason for the success of the creating a global brand in her role as Head of Global Marketing at HR Access/Fidelity.

In many of Janet’s roles she launched or repositioned a product or service. Her ability to develop and execute a go-to-market plan is one of her key strengths. Through building open communication and trust with multidisciplinary teams, she improves creativity, problem solving and accountability.  Dissolving the silos between teams helps her gain cooperation, resulting in shorter time lines, cost savings and improved ROI.

Prior to joining Chief Outsiders, Janet worked in a variety of industries including financial services, software services, healthcare and publishing. She has worked at large companies such as ADP, Fidelity and Computer Associates as well as smaller companies. Regardless of company size, Janet always became the champion to lead and foster a customer centric focus at all levels of the company.

Janet is an adjunct professor at William Paterson University and taught Digital Marketing and Marketing 101. She is an Advisory Board Member for a financial advisory firm and a founding member of a grass roots environmental group in her home town. In the past, Janet was a Board Member of the IBM Repository Development Cycle group and a sat on the Board of Directors of the Gold Coast Business Link. She has published many articles in business publications.



“Janet was accepted from day one as part of our organization. Empowered to make decisions regarding marketing activities and acquire the necessary resources, she took full advantage and did a wonderful job to move the company forward.”

Naseer Nasim, CEO at Baker Hill 

"A combined understanding of marketing and technology give Janet special skills not often found in marketing professionals at her level. Her competencies in strategy, finance and collaboration quickly earned her the respect of my executive team. Her passion for excellence, vision and high business acumen are tenets of her success."

Robert D. Thomas, Executive in Residence - Houston Technology Center


“Janet is a smart capable leader who gets things done. I especially appreciated the professionalism and standard of excellence she brought to everything she did. She is a strategic thinker and was particularly effective developing innovative marketing programs.”

Richard P. Watson, Division Vice President/General Manager of the East NSC at ADP


"When looking for marketing insights for a new product launch, I met with Janet. Her input on my tech offering was a home run. Was a big help - great advice!"

Dan Lynn, Founder and CEO at Zaptitude and Managing Member at Starting Point Ventures


“In working with Janet, our company was able to bring a real focus to the social media market and develop a strategy that is proving to drive our brand. She is always positive, creative and respectful to the needs of our Company. Janet is truly an asset and a pleasure to work with.”

Robert A. Bailey, Application Sales Manager at Oracle


"Janet's marketing guide was very helpful directing me to specialize and to seek referrals from my specialty areas as I was starting up. My practice has grown and is growing well. In fact I am now not taking any new clients In NJ and will bring my NYC practice up from 2 days to 3 days in the late fall!" 

Judith Kuskin, Psychotherapist - MSW, LCSW, APM